Dr Mark Rohde

All behavior fits the circumstances that surround it. In understanding those circumstances, we become empowered to change things. We are all the product of our decisions, our environment, and our inheritance, but we can change our decisions and our thinking about our circumstances at any time. Counseling is designed to foster different decisions, greater understanding, and, as a result, improved relationships.

Mark Rohde, Ph.D. – Family Psychologist
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bd096a4f-9b64-4ddc-8029-d3178c848092I am part of a group of independent behavior health professionals dedicated to helping you find the best fit. Sometimes children don’t feel like they fit in with their peers or their families. Sometimes adults have a hard time feeling like things fit together at work or in their marriages. When we have a sense of misfit, nothing seems right. We at Family PsychAssociates have joined forces to offer a wide range of services to children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

I offer individual, family therapy, group counseling, and crisis intervention services for children, teens, adults and seniors.

Frankly, I think that most all of us have a lot of the skills, attributes, and abilities necessary to address the challenges that we face. We work with you to mobilize those talents, build positive behavioral health, and renew healthy relationships.

My son initially hated the idea of seeing another psychologist, but was so impressed with the insights he gained that he now uses Mark's last name as his computer password so he'll be reminded of what he learned. Needless to say, the counseling was successful.–John M, Scottsdale AZ

We started to see Dr. Rohde for family counseling to create a more harmonious atmosphere at home. That worked pretty well, but things really improved after our sixteen year old worked on anger management in a counseling group.–Debbie S, Phoenix AZ

Our family saw three therapists before our pediatrician referred us to Mark. We had mostly given up on counseling for our son's drug problem. (Name removed) has been sober now for a year and just started college.–Linda P, Phoenix AZ